How does healing work

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First it is important to understand Energy Flow within your body.

Imagine that a river flows through your body, entering through the top of your head and exiting around your tail bone. This river is a constant flow with pools along the way called Chakras. Every Chakra has a different purpose and set of attributes tied to it.



Sometimes along that river sticks and debris can clog up the entrance or exit to a pool and cause Physical or Mental problems.  For example if the Heart Chakra has a blockage not only the obvious problems with loving others or oneself, it can cause blood pressure issues and circulatory problems.

Healing Basics

So what is it that a healer is able to do.

A healer has the ability to access Devine energy, and acting as a conduit to pipe that energy into your body, either to flush out the river of any debris or to focus the energy on a single point most often seen with trauma or injury. So it could be as simple as adjusting the flow within your body, or being able to affect direct change within your body. This is the most common way to heal when you are the one causing the blockage even if it is not a intentional action. The second way is to actually heal the area. This is actually manipulating the cells with in your body, by using Divine light.

Picture showing energy flowing down through the head and into the body
Along with the main river of energy that flows through your body there are many smaller streams that branch off to supply your body with the energy that you require. Blockages or obstructions can cause smaller more localized problems.
So many times people stop with the symptom that is affecting them. But we look to not only what is bothering you but also all the ripples that are causing the problem, and the ripples that the problem causes.
This is a quick reference guide that gives you an overall sense of functions connected to Chakras. In no way is this a complete list, and if you don't find something on here that relates to you don't worry it doesn't mean we cant help.