Daniel H.

Daniel H.

Owner / Founder


I founded this company to fill a hole that I fell into when starting my awakening. I wanted to build a safe place that would allow someone who is seeking the truth behind the story,  and to grow and learn about themselves and their potential. This might be exploring their purpose in life, a relationship with God, or refining what they already know to be true. Regardless on what background or framework that they were taught.


I work with people for all over the globe and a variety of cultures, some of the most fun I have had is seeing the consistently within different stories. There are many people out there that will only focus on what divides us rather than look towards the mortar that binds us all together. My Goal is to empower each person that I teach to continue on within their practice and help them build something that they can carry forward with strength and confidence.

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One on One coaching sessions to help find the direction that makes the most sense for you, and your goals. Setting up a journey that makes sense for not only your intent, but also the lessons that you need to learn along the way. 


Teaching someone that is new to their gifts or someone that is looking to level up within their own practice can be one of the unique experiences. Like a finger print everyone comes from their own context and starting point.


If we are looking at physical healing or emotional healing, the journey begins with looking deeper. Diving into the "Why's" and circling out from there. As you can imagine that you are not a number in a book or are you the same as your neighbor so let us help you understand what brought "you" to us today.


Mindfulness, Meditation, Healing Circles and much more feel free to reach out to inquire about the different events.


Working with us long term can be expensive, this is why we have included monthly packages to give you what you need at a discounted rate for those that are serious about change and taking on this journey.