Virtual Reality

Exciting News

Well this new adventure has been exciting to say the least. I will keep updating you as we both learn this new technology and adapt the company to use it the best to connect with you. Most of my North America team has acquired the Oculus Quest 2 to help you in a virtual reality environment and make new connections across the world.

Not only using a stand alone system (not needing PC or gaming system) to connect with new people but also connecting with old contacts and helping people feeling a little less alone in these troubled times.

The Current Platform that we are using and working with is a free app called "AltspaceVR" easy to download and make a profile. This app is also available in a 2D version for your existing pc but it really is not the same experience. We will be posting shortly our in APP bios and names so if you choose to you may seek us out there as well as the worlds that we are creating that provide a safe space to connect when we are online.

We will also be having a private section or world that if you wish you can connect with one of my team members at a cost, but this will guarantee not only privacy but also the time you may require.

Stay tuned as details unfold!!!