Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Understanding that everyone is different and has a different level of awareness. Here are some frequently asked questions.

Can it hurt or make me worse?

Absolutely Not on both fronts.  Working with Arch Angels, and healing energy, no harm can be done.

What about Trauma or Injury?

Yes I can help with both, but trauma and injury are a little more complicated and generally take a bit more time.

Why no store front?

For the time being I or my team do a lot of traveling. We generally will come to you for a session. But other arrangements can be made if need be.

What will I feel?

I hesitate to answer this question because I treat so many different things on different people. Some people have shared that they feel like they are floating, some have explained the feeling of electricity, Some have shared visions, and some describe heat. No matter what the feeling is it is an individual experience.


Is there anything I need to do on the day of our session?

No. If I am coming to your place please ensure we have a quiet comfortable space to work in.