30 Questions

  1. Who am I?
  2. What am I grateful for?
  3. What excites me?
  4. Who inspires me and why has it changed lately?
  5. Exactly how does my favorite song make me feel (include why)?
  6. Am I here, in the present moment?
  7. What percentage of every day am I present?
  8. In what areas of life DO I NOT apply the information I have?
  9. Why am I on this planet?
  10. What stories am I telling myself?
  11. What beliefs do I cling to?
  12. Am I willing to let go of my identity?
  13. Do I fear death?
  14. What is fear?
  15. What is love? Both receive and give. Are they different?
  16. How do I love?
  17. Who is the observer of my thoughts?
  18. Why do I have moments where I am not where I want to be?
  19. How am I holding myself back?
  20. What is stopping me from being happy right now?
  21. Am I living my truth?
  22. How can I get closer to my truth?
  23. What are my most fundamental assumptions?
  24. Could my most fundamental assumptions be incorrect?
  25. How is my internal state affecting my experience of the external world?
  26. Are my perceptions limited to 5 senses? List all 5 and the perceptions
  27. What am I not letting myself see?
  28. Where am I holding tension?
  29. What is my biggest fear?
  30. What is underneath my biggest fear (Where did it come from)?

So now that your done!


Take a day or so and just relax. Then come back to your book and review your journey, let each day wash over you and what you have learned about yourself. Take the time to enjoy the moments of growth and appreciate the moments that might have been a bit tougher.

And Celebrate!!! Great work!!