30 Day Challenge

Let's Get Started.



  1. You will need some sort of Journal or Diary that you can keep private as these answers are for you and you ALONE!
  2. Each question is designed for that day. Some build off each other so stay in order especially if it gets uncomfortable. Start in the morning so you have all day to process the question and your answer.
  3. If you need more than one day for a questions. TAKE IT! But no less.
  4. Write every answer down and if it changes later go back and change it. But keep the revisions part of this is also to celebrate the change within. So throw nothing away keep it all.
  5. Try not to shy away from dark answers. Sometimes that's the way it is. Remember these answers are for you and you alone so be honest with it even if it’s dark or negative.
  6. It is tough to not read ahead. My recommendation is to take all the questions and take the time before you begin to write one question per page. Gives you a lot of room to record your thoughts. Then as you go the next day is just the next page.