Vulnerability & Masculinity


Join our Angelic Healing team every Thursday night where we will be exploring many different topics through the perspective of gifted and awakened individuals. We will be using our not only our professional expertise but our own life experiences to start much needed conversations within our events to challenge each of our audience members to expand into their growth and understanding.

The focus will be on highlighting the difficulty, specifically for men, to balance the societal pressure to become more vulnerable, but also still present the masculine front that is expected of them. We will also explore how in truth, vulnerability and masculinity are complementary instead of contradictory.


Dec 02 2021


7:00 pm - 7:20 pm


Virtual Reality
Angelic Healing


Angelic Healing


  • Luke

    Luke is a natural intuitive who loves to use his gifts to assist you in your spiritual elevation. Luke is a former firefighter and medical technician. He loves to fish and spend time outdoors. When working with Luke he will use his connection to the divine and his team to assist you on building the blocks to a stable foundation and help you gain communication to your higher self.

  • Marquise

    Marquise is a gifted healer and natural intuitive, who is equipped
    to help guide those at any stage of their spiritual journey.

    He is passionate about helping others find their potential
    and has experience helping people who have had strenuous upbringings, to find
    their voice and help encourage them to rise above their challenges.

    Using his gifts and his connection to the divine, he has
    guided those in difficult circumstances to persevere, heal and become more in
    tune with them in the process.

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