Round Table Talk – Altspace Event – Breaking the Cycles


The focus will be on discussing the relationship between childhood development and generational trauma, followed by the exploration of the personal work required to break the cycle of generational trauma and how difficult but rewarding that path can be.


Nov 18 2021


7:00 pm - 7:20 pm


Virtual Reality
Angelic Healing


Angelic Healing


  • Aarin

    Aarin comes from a background in early childhood development. She chose to spend the majority of her career teaching not only young children but also the teachers who were responsible for them. Brining programs like mindfulness and emotional awareness to a young age, so they are more able to handle the situations that they may encounter in life before the problems start. Aarin`s close connection to the Divine and the Angels allows her to be an amazing healer and tap into children at an emotional level to assist with their healing process and educational level. Aarin is not limited to children she has used her deep compassion and understanding to help not only parents along their personal journeys as well as parenting skills.

  • Marquise

    Marquise is a gifted healer and natural intuitive, who is equipped
    to help guide those at any stage of their spiritual journey.

    He is passionate about helping others find their potential
    and has experience helping people who have had strenuous upbringings, to find
    their voice and help encourage them to rise above their challenges.

    Using his gifts and his connection to the divine, he has
    guided those in difficult circumstances to persevere, heal and become more in
    tune with them in the process.

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