Mindfulness Basics Emotional Awareness

We welcome you to Join us in a virtual workshop to explore the basics of Mindfulness, the tools used and how to incorporate this into our daily lives.

Hosted by Aarin & Lori

This event will be held at 11AM MST

Cost- CAD20$/Person

Duration – 90 Mins. Last 30 of which will be an open Q&A




Feb 06 2021


11:00 am - 12:30 pm



Zoom Webinar



Angelic Healing


Angelic Healing


  • Aarin

    Aarin comes from a background in early childhood development. She chose to spend the majority of her career teaching not only young children but also the teachers who were responsible for them. Brining programs like mindfulness and emotional awareness to a young age, so they are more able to handle the situations that they may encounter in life before the problems start. Aarin`s close connection to the Divine and the Angels allows her to be an amazing healer and tap into children at an emotional level to assist with their healing process and educational level. Aarin is not limited to children she has used her deep compassion and understanding to help not only parents along their personal journeys as well as parenting skills.

  • Lori

    Lori comes from a fairly extensive back ground in health care, specializing in maternity and home visitation. Lori has always worked with new family’s to ensure proper care for not only physical needs but mental as well for a new family. Lori also has spent most of her career in high pressure situations and in crisis management. Although awakening late in her life she has not let that slow her down. Bringing both the Divine and the Angels into health care and caring for the staff that she manages teaching mindfulness and helping with stress decompression, not to mention physical healing.

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