Emotions 101

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We welcome you to a virtual workshop to explore the basics of emotions, and provide the foundation to be able to engage with your own personal emotions and be able to sort through the symptoms and find the core issue of any emotional upset whether it be trauma specifically or any challenges you may be facing. In addition, we will be exploring breaking unhealthy coping mechanisms, forgiveness and how to look forward and implement the lessons we have learned throughout struggles, into our life.


Sep 26 2021


11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Zoom Webinar





  • Daina

    Daina is a natural intuitive and gifted healer who works on
    a spiritual level to heal, teach and council those who are ready to elevate
    their spiritual self.
    With experience in mental health, trauma recovery and
    cannabis therapy combined with her natural abilities, Daina will push you to
    learn through and overcome whatever is restricting your growth. She is
    passionate about encouraging you to realize your worth and abilities, expanding
    the connection with your team to unlock Divine understanding and guiding you to
    use your newfound power to make the positive decisions you are capable of.

  • Emily

    Emily is a gifted healer and intuitive who uses her gifts to guide those who are ready, towards their own spiritual path. She has a strong background in helping people better their lives no matter how big or small. With a big heart and an open ear, she has always had a strong pull to aide those in need. Using her connection to her team and the divine, she guides those who feel lost or stuck to higher thinking. When you work with Emily, she can help guide through the things holding you back in life most and teach you to get closer to your own spiritual team and gifts.

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