Chakra’s and what’s tied to them!

We welcome you to join us for a virtual workshop to explore Chakras! Not only where they are and how energy works within, but to learn about the emotional and physical connections they have and how to maintain balance within yourself! 

Hosted by Daina & Marquise

Event will be held at 11AM MST

Cost 20$CAD

Duration – 90 Mins, The last 30 will be an open Q&A


Mar 13 2021


11:00 am - 12:30 pm



Zoom Webinar



Angelic Healing


Angelic Healing


  • Daina

    Daina is a natural intuitive and gifted healer who works on
    a spiritual level to heal, teach and council those who are ready to elevate
    their spiritual self.
    With experience in mental health, trauma recovery and
    cannabis therapy combined with her natural abilities, Daina will push you to
    learn through and overcome whatever is restricting your growth. She is
    passionate about encouraging you to realize your worth and abilities, expanding
    the connection with your team to unlock Divine understanding and guiding you to
    use your newfound power to make the positive decisions you are capable of.

  • Marquise

    Marquise is a gifted healer and natural intuitive, who is equipped
    to help guide those at any stage of their spiritual journey.

    He is passionate about helping others find their potential
    and has experience helping people who have had strenuous upbringings, to find
    their voice and help encourage them to rise above their challenges.

    Using his gifts and his connection to the divine, he has
    guided those in difficult circumstances to persevere, heal and become more in
    tune with them in the process.

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