Emily is a gifted healer and intuitive who uses her gifts to guide those who are ready, towards their own spiritual path. She has a strong background in helping people better their lives no matter how big or small. With a big heart and an open ear, she has always had a strong pull to aide those in need. Using her connection to her team and the Divine, she guides those who feel lost or stuck to higher thinking. When you work with Emily, she can help guide through the things holding you back in life most, assist with interpreting your dreams and teach you to get closer to your own spiritual team and gifts.

Emily has been a speaker and presenter in many Angelic Healing events. Featured below are a selection of events Emily has been a part of.
Spirituality Beyond the Fad
Spirituality and Religion
Gifts 101 Workshop
Pondering Pregnancy
Dreams and Interpretations Workshop
Honor the Self
Spirituality - Beyond the Human Experience
Dealing with Death
Breaking Down the Beyond - Finale
Connection We Have with Our Own Self
Meditation - Exploration of the Mind
Analyzing the Awakening Process
Concept of "Soul Family"
Child-like Wonder
The Divine in the Dreams

Calling All Empaths

Learn to Ground

Honoring Boundaries

Overcoming Yourself

Email: emily@angelichealing.ca