Daina is a natural intuitive who works to heal, teach and counsel those who are ready to elevate their spiritual selves. With a passion for mental health, trauma and grief recovery and sexual health education, Daina combines experience with natural abilities to help guide you through whatever is restricting your growth. She will encourage you to strengthen your divine connections and guide you to use the newfound power to make the positive decisions you are capable of. 

Daina has been a host, a presenter, and a speaker in many of the Angelic Healing events. Featured below are a selection of events Daina has been a part of.
Spirituality Beyond the Fad
Childhood Development and Generational Trauma
Masculinity and Vulnerability
Anxiety and Depression Workshop
Pondering Pregnancy
Sex and the Soul
Honor The Self
Spirituality - Beyond the Human Experience
Breaking Down the Beyond Part 1
Breaking Bread with our Bodies
Dealing with Death
Breaking Down the Beyond Part 3
Mediumship - The Serene in the Scary
The Mindfulness in the Mess
Sex and the Soul Part 2
Beyound Our Healing Hands
Relationships with Spirit
Meditation - Exploration of the Mind
Relationships and Connections Finale
Analyzing the Awakening Process
Fighting Fear, Doubt, and Hopelessness
Am I Gifted?
Child-like Wonder
Nurturing Gifted Children
The Ebbs and Flows of an Empath

The Serenity in the Struggle

Calling all Empaths

Messy Meditation

Sex and the Soul Part 3

Excavation of Enlightenment

Honoring Boundaries

Releasing Control

Sex and the Soul Part 4

Finding the Bright Side

Email: daina@angelichealing.ca