What Are Gifts


The gifts are God given to the people and with good reason. Some people have not yet understood why they have them or do not feel that they deserve them. But let me tell you simply He does not make mistakes when it comes to you. The first gift is the most important. It is the ability to communicate with "spirit" or "Your Team". Anybody can talk to God, the Angels, or your team, but the gift is when they start talking back. This gift is what all your other gifts are going to flow through, thus the most important. Also the more centered you become the stronger the communication.  It is a built in safety so if you become way out of balance your God given gifts will dim automatically until you return to center.

Story Vs. Truth

How the internet should be treated as a blessing and a curse.

Most of you know how you start an innocent google search and within 5 minutes you are down a rabbit hole with your hair on fire and wondering how you got there.
Dealing with your gifts or what you feel can be dangerous to google if you’re not careful. My advice to you is to align yourself with a "Real" person, who not only is gifted but awakened, and can help temper that curiosity and help guide you through the process. Having said that stay flexible in what you need in the moment one teacher may not be what you need throughout your awakening you may be drawn to a new teacher with every step or be drawn to one person for one thing and another for something else. Listen to your intuition! The responsibility of your awakening lays with your team so if you are able to trust your intuition then you will be fine and probably only come away with minor scrapes and bruises.
As far as other gifts that will come over time below is a WIKI link that is relativity close to the truth. But even this link should be taken with a grain of salt and used as reference only.



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So with your gifts what is your responsibility?