The Truth Behind The Story



Modality / Story / Structure.

Why the story.

Well If you look at this logically its easy to follow. With so many different cultures around the world let alone all the different people within those cultures there was a need for different stories for people to fall in love with.  That interest is what draws people to the next step. It is not usually until after that they find the thread of truth within the story.


Your Team

There are many beautiful stories around this

There are some stories that really touch my heart. Everything from Guardian Angels to displaced spirits that don't have anyone in heaven. That last one warms my heart.

So what is the Truth?

Your team is you. Every one of your past lives is always with you as your team.  When you think about it know it only makes sense to you. Who else would be by your side throughout everything you have or will go through. Who else can guide you through judgment with all the context of your life. The answer is simple it's "YOU"

Levels of Communication

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