levels with team

Levels of communication with your team


There are many interpretations of this but at its core this is how it works. For most it becomes a ladder and they will grab onto the next rung when and only when they become ready for it. Many gifted people stay at the level of numbers and signs and they become comfortable with it. In truth if that’s what works for them there is no harm in staying put, but that does not mean that it’s a ceiling for them. Every level does not just talk about how you receive information but also how you send it. You can talk and communicate much faster than you think if you are willing to put in the work to get there.



As you notice there is one description there that overlaps Gifted vs Not Gifted. Yes that was on purpose. This becomes a transitional time for many where they set aside their ego to think they might be connect to something else. Generally when receiving messages from Heaven or an Angel. Some can spend a great deal of time here where others will use this for a springboard to jump forward.


All of these steps are assuming outside of meditation while you are going about your day.