Who to talk to and why?

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Just as people, Angels also have preferences

Even though every Angel can help in every aspect some of them prefer to heal, where others will lean more to teach, or to help with specific tasks. Take the time to read up on what you're looking for as well as who might be the best fit for you to reach out to.

The first Angel to learn about is ArchAngel Michael. In God's stead he is in charge of all the other angels. He is also the one who will bring God's protection to people. People also look to Michael when they are looking to muster their courage or to stand up for something that is unjust. Even though the mightiest of the Angels his sense of fairness and justice is second to none.  He is generally more serious when you speak to him, and his presence is unmistakable.

The next twelve that I’m going to list are the more popular ones to start out with. I am not going to list all 125 Angels here as that's a bit overwhelming for anyone that’s starting out to learn everyone. Instead pick 3 to start with and as you progress you will naturally involve more as you need it. It is not uncommon for one Angel to introduce you to another if they think you would benefit from the relationship.

#1.   ArkAngel Ariel – "The Lioness of God"

ArkAngel Ariel is the healing angel of nature (earth and animals), associated with fairies and other nature spirits.   This ArkAngel's role is to help you better connect with all forms of nature, whether physical or metaphysical. If you need to manifest earthly desires like an environmental career, Ariel is the ArkAngel you can call to assist you.

#2.   Arkangel Chamuel – "He Who Sees God"

ArkAngel Chamuel is the bringer of inner peace by helping you during troubling times. If your quest is for universal peace in relationships at home or work, ask for ArkAngel Chamuel to guide you, and to remind you where love resides within yourself. Also referred to as the “finding angel,” if you’ve misplaced or lost a part of yourself, call Chamuel to help you find whatever you’re seeking.

#3.   ArkAngel Zadkiel – "The Righteousness of God"

ArkAngel Zadkiel helps you with true forgiveness. Forgiveness becomes a form of compassion because compassion is the act of reaching out to yourself and others to help reduce feelings of discomfort. This ArkAngel can help you go past troubling memories and alleviate painful emotions. Whenever you feel that you can’t forgive, or having trouble asking for God’s forgiveness, ask for Zadkiel’s blessed assistance.

#4.   ArkAngel Gabriel – "Strength of God"

ArkAngel Gabriel is the one you can turn to when you feel there’s an important message you have to deliver to the world, and you need help with choosing the right words. Also, Gabriel is the protector of the inner child within you and is considered to be of assistance in all stages of parenting. Gabriel is also the Angel who connects the body and spirit at the moment of birth.

#5.   ArkAngel Raziel – "The Secrets of God"

ArkAngel Raziel's role is the gatekeeper of divine mysteries and supreme knowledge of the soul.  Raziel helps bring knowledge to all beings and guides each soul's destiny through each lifetime.  Raziel's energy is felt when your soul or Higher Self guides your daily living. Also, if you have recurring dreams or thoughts, images, or ideas that you cannot decipher, ask Raziel for divine help.

#6.   ArkAngel Metatron – "Teacher”

ArkAngel Metatron is associated with the Merkabah, also known as Metatron’s Cube. Metatron uses this sacred energy tool for healing and clearing low energies. Metatron is also considered the helper of sensitive children and those new to spirituality. Ask for Metatron’s help when you want to understand the mysteries of the Universe.

#7.   ArkAngel Jophiel – "Beauty of God"

ArkAngel Jophiel’s mission is to beautify your life. This ArkAngel beautifies and uplifts your thoughts and feelings, and guides you in self-care. Sometimes referred to as the “feng shui angel,” Jophiel inspires you to create relaxing and harmonious environments. Whenever you feel bombarded by cluttered thoughts and emotions, ask for Jophiel’s help to bring clarity.

#8.   ArkAngel Jeremiel – "Mercy of God"

ArkAngel Jeremiel’s mission is to guide souls who have recently passed and review their lives to help them learn the needed lessons while they were on earth. Jeremiel can also help those still living to review their present life and help create lessons for the future for you to conquer. Call on Jeremiel if you are dealing with fears of death.

#9.   ArkAngel Raguel – "Friend of God"

ArkAngel Raguel’s role is to create peace and harmony by healing arguments or misunderstandings. Call on ArkAngel Raguel to help you in mediating fights and finding solutions to disagreements by enhancing cooperation in groups or families.

#10.   ArkAngel Azrael – "Whom Helps God"

ArkAngel Azrael, also known as the angel of death, helps souls cross over at the moment of their death and consoles survivors and helps them heal from grief. If you have lost a loved one, call ArkAngel Azrael for support and comfort.

#11.   ArkAngel Uriel – "The Light of God"

ArkAngel Uriel is considered the intellectual Angel. Uriel is usually manifested in our being, mainly in the form of ideas, epiphanies, and creative insights when we need a solution. If you need to think outside the box or make a fast decision, ask for Uriel’s guidance.

#12.   ArkAngel Sandalphon – "Brother"

ArkAngel Sandalphon's mission is to deliver our prayers and messages to God. Also, Sandalphon is the helper of musicians and composers. When you invoke this ArkAngel, pay attention to any words or songs that play in your mind, because they could be messages or answers to your prayers