When to involve Angels


Team vs. Angels


My first lesson for you it trusting your team to make the call. When I personally teach someone this topic I promote communication with their team first. In most cases your team will involve an Angel if their help is needed. Now this statement comes with a lot of exceptions but we are talking about your go-to habit that you are learning. There may be times where your team tells you to reach out to an Angel personally. Another example is a healer will talk to Angels directly when they are healing. Past all the exceptions that come with this I always recommend putting your day to day thoughts and wants to your team and trusting them to put what you need in front of you.
The only major exception is when you are in direct danger or need immediate help with something. But try not to confuse your impatience with immediate help. Needing it and wanting it are very different states of mind.

When to involve heavenly influence

This one topic has been debated by many cultures for many years with the usual two sides opposing each other. One side says put everything on heaven and let the chips fall where they may. The other side states that you should put everything on yourself and if heaven decides to intervene they will. But the truth lies about in the middle. It is not wrong to ask for anything so long as your expectation doesn’t fall into some sort of genie lamp that just made for wishes. Take responsibility for your life and when you falter involve whatever help you think is needed.


The best part of exploring this is as you build relationships with the Angels you will start to understand how much you are actually capable of. Many times it’s not just about helping you it is also teaching you about that situation that they are helping with.