How To Talk To Them



There is a lot of ways to talk to Angels but in the beginning the more structure and respect you show the better. As time goes on you will develop a relationship with each Angel and some cases the formality can be dropped. Here is some basic steps

-Light a candle (you can also burn incense if you choose) whatever you choose make it a habit.

-Make sure you are in a quiet space that you will not be interrupted

-Hold the image in your mind of the Angel that you are reaching out to.

-Ask what you would like to ask. ( hold your verbiage accordingly you are speaking to a piece of God)

-Once you are done ALWAYS thank them for their time. Regardless of the response.


hands from above

Do Not's

If you follow all the Do's the list of Do Not's will be very short. It's easy to stay out of trouble if you always stay within Respect and Gratitude.

But don’t get hung up on your expectation. Let them work as they see fit be open to the message as they deliver it. By making specific demands or requests you limit your vision to see everything else that is going on as well.

Remember that you are not the one in control you are "asking" for help does not always mean that your request is the best thing for you.