“Arch”Angels & “Ark”Angels


Understanding Angels

So let's take a break from all the movies and story for a moment. The most common questions is who are they and why can some people talk with them and some cannot. Simply put they are God's Angels (Arch or Ark) here to help mankind through guidance, healing, and teaching. Each Angel has had at least one life on earth, some enjoy spending time within body and others work with people on the Angelic plain.  There are a total of 125 ArkAngels even though most religions and cultures only talk of 3-12 depending on where you look.

Arch vs Ark

 From mankind's perspective these terms are relative interchangeable as a piece of God is still a piece of God. Many cultures state that there are levels within the angels that dictate Arch or Ark. From God's perspective there is One ArchAngel in his stead who is Michael. Michael is known for being the Chief of the guard, and the bringer of God's protection. Everyone else is looked at as equal. Regardless of the story you learned if you want to remain within the details of the truth. All the Angels are known as ArkAngels other than God and Michael who are known as ArchAngels. Having said this it is not offensive to mix them up by mistake.

How The Angels work with your team

This is a little simpler than most think. In the case of you reaching up to them through prayer or needing help it’s as simple as your team picking up a phone and making a call.  Although there is no real phone for that, understand for your team it is similar process, and the phone analogy will help you understand that a call must be made for help.  It is very rare that an Angel will interfere in your life without a request being made.

How to talk to them

Do's and Do not's

When to involve the Angels

At what point do you know your team will need extra help

Who to talk to and why?

A starter list of the popular Angels known to most cultures