Your Team


Who is your team

There are many stories out there describing who your team is and why it is that they have come to guide you. The truth behind the story is that your team is comprised of your past lives, although they take on different rolls depending on what you require. For example if you are in a quite turbulent time within your life one might take a defensive roll helping you be aware of potential pitfalls to come, or one may take the roll of a father or mother figure when you need a good tongue lashing.  Remember it’s about what you need in that time not what you want.


Your team should not be confused with the Angels they have a much higher role and are not part of your team rather they can be called on in time of need for their assistance. When this is done remember who you are talking to, this should be done within the highest respect as well full gratitude for their assistance. Remember helping you is a choice for them.

Levels of communication with your team.