Let the overthinking begin!!

You're gifted and can do all these amazing things now what?

Do I have to change everything? Does my old life matter? Do I need to help someone when I don't like them? Will I be judged if I don't? What happens if I can't help everyone? ARGGGGG!!

Ok now we have that out of the way take a breath!

maybe another one!

Lets start again

You have the choice how this fits into your life, trusting in your team to guide you to the next steps is all you need to worry about. Many people change their lives and some keep them the same just adding a component that they didn't realize was an option at that time. But either way the choice is up to you !


The rest of that Overthinking will help you organize what you actually want.

Besides I would bet that you're already helping people out with all kinds of guidance and healing without even giving it a second thought.

And One More Breath..

Its Okay you are the one in control !!