This section I really want you to play with what works for you.

How to meditate?

There is an entire section on this website just to meditation that I encourage you to explore. Once you figured out what works for you, stay flexible and understand that what you need will change as you grow. I strongly recommend that you start out with my guided meditations on my YouTube channel there is a wide variety to choose from. As you get more comfortable you will later move to unguided meditations where you are comfortable maintaining your train of thought on your own

How long should you meditate?

Guided Meditation 20-30 minutes min.

Unguided Meditation 60 minutes min.

How many days a week?

The short answer is everyday. For at least 30 days preferably 60-90. after that you will adjust either the time per day you meditate for or the days per week naturally. But once you have your schedule stick to it. The discipline is also important.