Why is it important

I am pretty sure you already get this and maybe at a unconscious level you have already started to do this. The big reasons are as follows

Distraction: Everyone has an opinion and some of them aren't gonna match up with what you're doing.

A HOT MESS: Some of the things that you are going to confront within yourself are going to leave you like a hot mess. First of all its OK!! Baggage is messy and I would rather you not have to worry that someone is watching you ugly cry so therefore you jump into the I will deal with it later mentality. It is far better to be present in your emotion and honest with what you're feeling.

BUT for those days where it seems like too much that's where your Support person is needed.

Being comfortable with truly being you: Hard to do that when you spend most of your time with your current group as an image that you choose to present of yourself not actually yourself.

Time to adjust and reflect: You need time on your own if you are going to make changes in your life. Time to plan and also time for everything to sink in.

Time to be on your own

Time to let it all sink in

So this is additional time in your day seperate from meditation usually at night after your day. Reflect on what you came up with in that day, as well as how you feel about the changes within yourself. Take this time to add to your hot sheet or make changes. Try to get to the feeling of being present in yourself (way tougher in the beginning don't worry grow with the process)