Hot Sheet

I want you to create a hot sheet that you can keep private but have reference to every day.

First section of hot sheet?

Your day schedule. Plan it out and stick to it.

Second section of hot sheet?

Remember all those questions at the beginning. I want you to write down on your hot sheet these ones, include your answers. Don't be afraid to change your answers over time if your thinking changes!

Why do you want this?

Why do you want more out of life than you have?

What is the real reason behind this?

How do I help others now?

How open are you to new ideas that contradict your own ideas?


Things uncovered?

Remember all this information is strictly for you. As you meditate things are going to come up some of them can be painful I want you to have a section that you can write them down and keep them present until you can forgive yourself or others. They stay on the hot sheet until you have processed them.