Personal Journey-

-There are many important reasons for this to happen before and while you are stepping into your gifts. One is to let go of some of the things that are weighing you down or burdening you.  Cleaning out the corners just as deep cleaning your house is necessary from time to time.

-This also includes learning to trust yourself in many ways that you may not be accustomed to.

-Also important to start laying the frame work to how you want your gifts to function as well as how you wish to deal with your team. This step you may want to involve someone you trust to teach you about structure. Be careful there are a lot of story's out there and they are not all equal in intent or effect.



-This step is important for many reasons. On the physical side just like strength training a muscle in your arm or leg it takes time and work to train the muscle to be able to handle more. Your brain is no different you will use a higher percentage of your brain with your gifts and it takes more than a 30 movie montage with some cool music to complete training.

-On the mental side hearing and accepting your inner voice or realizing how much actually goes on up there can be a big order full of its own journey at some times.

-This is a habit that you are going to have to make a part of your daily routine. Later once things are settled it is necessary to adopt a more personal schedule that will be full of fluctuations that suit your life better but in the beginning the dedication is more important.


-As part of your personal journey and the challenge posted on this site, you were asked to qualify why and how you want to proceed with your gifts. There are many occasions to revisit these questions as your answers should grow as you do.  This should be done often and lightly.



Now then!!! Enough planning, Time to put in the work 🙂