progress 2


First let look at the fact that you are looking for a road map to help ease the anxiety of taking this journey for usually one of three reasons. Even though on that last page I did state that this will slow you down. But here we are, and I don't fault you for this merely want to center you in truth of what is happening.


Reason 1: You have control issues and you are trying to look forward to see what you can expect from this process. You are also trying to prepare yourself or rather see if it is something that you think you can do. Simply put, you don't want to put in the effort unless you know you can pull out the win.

Reason 2: You are a highly functioning with anxiety.  Already trying to prepare for what's ahead, and in some cases making it much harder on yourself.

Reason 3: The overwhelming need to check off the box. The sense of accomplishment of finishing  a stage and knowing its done when you can make that glorious check mark or stroke through to signify the completion of a task.

The first thing to understand is that there is indeed a blueprint to this process and although the blueprint is tailor made for each person there is many steps that will not be within your control other than your choice to be there.

The second thing to understand is that there is power in choice. You control how fast you will travel on this journey and how much you can take between breaks. This all lays with your choice. Now having said that this is not your day to day choice it comes down to your true intent and what you really want not the surface banter.

The third thing to understand is that there are defined steps and markers along the way. Not every step of progress is in a forward direction. Some lessons require a further understanding of something that previously happened. So there are sometimes that it will feel like one step forward and two backwards. This is usually by design pull up your socks and keep going.

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