So Now What

So if you have done it right your journal looks something like the picture beside this. From outside looking in, it should look like a hot mess. But it also should have uncovered a lot besides the mess. A lot of thoughts that you might not have been present in or some that you might have changed your mind on. And a few that were probably a surprise to you.



This is where you might consider involving outside support.  You might want to think of the pros and cons depending on who you involve.

Support in this case needs to be someone who is awakened as well as has an understand in the truth behind the story. As my process that you have been following does not line up with most modalities because it is the truth the modality was built on. In this area you should also consider that once you involve someone else the expectation should be there of paying for their time.

For example

I am always available via email and Facebook messenger (I do not charge for this)

I am also available via "Line" and "Whatsapp" video calling (I charge for this sometimes)

I am also available in person (I charge for this most of the time)

The point being you will not need support every step of the way and should only be used when you are stuck or having major difficulties getting over a hurdle. The rest of the time you should be leaning towards your team and yourself to face what comes next.

Choosing who you might turn to if you need help might be all you have to do is to know that they are there for you, you may not have any need for it, but it is smart to be prepared. The next few steps can be rough.