The Surrender Road

Surrendering takes two main roads. Surrendering to God, and Surrendering to yourself.  Now if you surrender to God you can get by without surrendering to yourself, but it is a much slower process. The opposite is also possible but you end up going in a lot of circles along the way.

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Surrendering to God:

Now I don't care if you call him God, Source, the Universe, or The Divine. Really makes no difference so long as you are true to what name matters to you. But understanding that there is a greater plan for you and some  things may be put in your way that seem unpleasant, but are for your benefit. And some things are removed from your life as they no longer serve you or you have outgrown them. You might not understand them within that moment, and maybe not for a long time after, but when the time is right you will have every opportunity to turn that knowledge into your wisdom.

You will need to understand at your very core that you are part of something much bigger than yourself.

And you are loved far more than you know.

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Surrender to Yourself:

In this picture you can see two chains dangling from the person's arms. Imagine if you will, that one chain is ego and one chain is self-doubt.
The Chain of ego will continue to get you to look only at a situation from your point of view and there is no need to understand someone else's side. This doesn’t matter to ego as it is selfish and closed minded.

The Chain of self-doubt will keep you inside your bubble of comfort. Whispering fear in your ear so you don't stray outside the bubble and make a mistake. Self-doubt lives in fear of offending ego who hates to be wrong or vulnerable.

But when you, and only you, decide to break these chains you soon learn that the only way to learn is to falter and the only way to grow is to expose where you need improvement.
Imagine the first time a child is learning to spell. They are presented with a list of words and told to bring it home to study. Sometimes there is a pretest administered just as a measuring tool to see the child's study progress.

Now it would be pointless to scream at that child for making an error on the pretest as this is a new skill and these are new words that maybe they have never seen before. Errors are expected and encouraged when a child is learning so they know where they need to spend more time improving. This lesson is no different as an adult, the only difference is ego and self-doubt has done an excellent job making you forget this crucial step into growing.