The Mindfulness Road

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First, let's simplify the process a bit for you to understand the concepts. You are welcome to make this as complicated as you feel you need to, but mindfulness consists of only two steps.

It is only what each of these two steps means for you that gets complicated.

Step One!

Accepting and hearing your inner dialogue. Sounds easy right!!
Don't underestimate this step as it comes with some easy traps to fall into.
Becoming aware of what is actually going through your mind at any given moment can be a bit off putting, as we are full of both light and dark thoughts. Accepting that both are you can be difficult if you don't have the support system in place to lean against when you need it. It is only important when you turn that thought, be it light or dark, into action where it becomes applicable to your life as well as your character. In this step you are only viewing your thoughts and patterns of thoughts.

Step Two!

Once you have accepted your inner dialogue for what it is and in turn, accepting the way you think for what it is. You are now at the beginning of what is in front of you. And only now have the ability to change the inner dialogue to create focus and intent to a chosen direction if you wish.
As you have been meditating, you probably have noticed some patterns towards why you think the way you do or what is triggering certain thoughts or thought chain reactions. It’s not about changing the trigger to that chain reaction, it’s about understanding the trigger. By doing this you will notice that a whole different chain of thoughts happens all on its own.

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