The Being Present Road

Being Present can take on a whole new meaning in your life once you have internalized Mindfulness and Meditation. Explore these two concepts and see what they mean for you and how to best use them to your benefit.

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Many people spend too much time being time travelers and either living in the past or living in the future.

You see, in the future is where anxiety lives. Obsessing over what may or may not happen or what someone is going to think about you, or even react to what you think. Most of the time this never turns out the way you fantasize about it and becomes a giant consumer of your energy not to mention the stress that you carry for no reason.

And in the past is where depression lives. Not being able to let go of events or emotions that were tied to events. Like trying to set sail in a boat without hoisting the anchor. Yes, forward momentum is possible but it takes a lot more energy than it should, and sometimes more resting is required just because it feels like running a marathon just to get out of bed.

So then you are left with the concept of today.  And right now this very moment is the only one that you can affect change within your life. That's correct. This very second is the present, not the entire day not the hour not even the minute. This second where your eyes are traveling over my words on this screen. This moment where depression or anxiety cannot exist!  You know that moment where you lost yourself in the moment or forgot about life for a split second. Yup that one! That's your sweet spot where you can affect change in your life!

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This moment that I mentioned above is one of God's first gifts to mankind. That is why it is called the present. Now it is not always wrapped in flashy paper and you can never see inside the moment until you dispense with the wrapping, but imagine that the wrapping is what you think of that moment. The build up to it! Maybe it’s wrapped in excitement or maybe it’s wrapped in anxiety. It’s entirely up to you how you wrap the moment and it’s also entirely up to you when and how you unwrap it.
Logic would whisper that the goal is to get to an unwrapped moment. But I don’t think it’s possible. However I do think it is possible to wrap lightly and with grace whenever possible.