The Awareness Road

Being Aware!

Awareness for me is in two categories. Obviously there are many subcategories but most fit very snugly under these two. 

Inner Awareness

Outer Awareness

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Inner Awareness:

The most common and one of the first things to understand is that your body is a magnificent machine that is capable of amazing things. It also has many built in warning systems and alarm bells should something go wrong. An easy example is pain. When you injure your body, that sends a signal to your brain creating an immediate response that says "quit doing that it hurts." However all pain is, is an electrical signal sent to our brain from a nerve ending no different than a circuit board telling the electricity to turn on the light. But some people are very good at ignoring your body's warning systems and distracting themselves from those signals either by chemical or by actions.

Another system that is often overlooked is energy flow. You are comprised of so much more than just cells. Your body has a consistent energy flow entering the top of your head and exiting close to your tail bone, as well as down each limb. And just like physical problems come with warning systems so does blockages or areas of static within your body. And if ignored for long enough will wash over to the physical side to create a larger warning bell until something is done about it. This will continue to escalate until it is fixed. Think about it like this. Your body may ask for your help at first, then if ignored it may ask louder, if still ignored, it might scream for your help. Desperately wanting your attention to make steps toward fixing the problem.

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Outer Awareness:

This can be from many sources including Divine intervention, your friends and family, books you read, shows you watch, or even the weather or nature. That's right, even though who you are is the result of 100% of the things you have been through, that DOES NOT mean you were responsible for them. Some in a good way and some in a not so good way. But you being able to give credit where credit is due is important. You can learn something from a bad experience without owning the responsibility. As well as staying within gratitude when a higher power decides to intervene within your life. Recognizing that for what it is will change everything for you.

Both are very important for very different reasons.